theGLITTERY is a private-appointment and event-based nail art destination in New York City.

More than delivering just a great manicure, theGLITTERY is a one-of-a-kind experience that celebrates individuality through the art of expressively painted nails.

Nails are more than just a physical extension of your hands; they have the power to reflect your unique personality and signature style. Allow theGLITTERY to help you express the many sides (and shades) of you!

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A note from the Founder

Hi! I’m Ari, a passionate nail artist who’s hopelessly (and happily!) addicted to painting nails. I’ve been hitting the bottles at least once a day for quite some time. My mantra is simple: glitter is always an option and nail art can take you from feeling like a zero to a red hot hero in just a few coats. My goal is very simple too: I want to make YOU feel like you have the world at your fingertips simply by giving you the best mani you’ve ever had. Who needs superpowers when you can walk around town with a set of nails that make you feel #likeaboss?!