valday inspired color block tutorial!

Want to spice up your valday mani this year? Try my shades of pink color block tutorial! It’s easier (and less calories) than making slice and bake Pillsbury heart sugar cookies!

OPI Nail Envy Base Coat
Seche Vite Top Coat
Nails Inc Gel Effect, St James (red)
Sephora Formula X, Potent (light pink)
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, White On
Color Club, Mrs. Robinson (magenta)
Nail Tape  *this will soon be your BEST friend

Step 1: After applying your base coat, paint 2 coats of Sephora Formula X, Potent. Let dry completely. To hurry up the process, I apply a thin layer of my absolute FAVE quick dry top coat, Seche Vite.

Step 2: When your nails are completely dry (did I mention they have to be commplleeeetllly dry?) Place three pieces of your nail tape in the pattern I did.

Step 3: Paint the top quadrant with Nails Inc Gel Effect St James, middle with Color Club Mrs Robinson and bottom with Sally Hansen White On. Don’t worry if you get polish on your skin. It’s hard not to when working in such small spaces! If you find it too hard to stay in the lines with the nail polish brush, use a thinner eyeshadow brush or dotting tool to have more control.

Step 4: Slowly remove the tape (while the paint is still semi-wet). Clean up any access paint around your skin with acetone and your cleanup brush. When your nails are completely dry, apply a layer of your top coat!

VOILA! You have a totally remixed valday mani! If I inspired you to create this look, please tag @theGLITTERYblog on Instagram so I can see your LOVEly masterpiece!

practicing for valentine’s day!

Valday is one of my absolute fave nail art holidays. Tonight I’m practicing my blips- bows and lips!

Stay tuned for more mushy gushy goodness and some fun tutorials!

Polishes used:
Nails Inc Gel Effect, St. James
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, White On
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, Black Out
OPI Nail Envy Base Coat
Seche Vite Top Coat

glitter gradient tutorial!

Happy Friday, nailistas! I can’t think of a more perfect way to start the weekend than with an easy-peasy tutorial that involves….GLITTER!

To get this look, head on over to to get all the deets on my January nail art tutorial featuring my gal pal Sally Hansen.

nail rock caviar and velvet!

Even though it’s been colder in NYC than the ice pond in that polar bear coca cola commercial (yes this one), I forced myself to take off my fleece-lined sweatpants and put on my fancy pants. That’s right ladies, it’s time for caviar and velvet. Thanks to Rock Beauty London, I fancified (trust me it’s a word….in my world) my nails!

***These nails were super hard to photograph–you really can’t see the full effects, but I hope you get the idea! Check out Rock Beauty London’s website here to see the rest of their special effects products!*** 

velvet + caviar = fancy fingers!

The first piece of fanciness I dove right into was the navy blue velvet. To be honest, I started off a little hesitant. As you know, I like to do different art on each nail and wasn’t sure this would be possible with a fuzzy coating, however I’m up to try anything new, especially when it comes to nails! Although I couldn’t do art on top of the velvet (it’s literally fuzzy/puffy), I was able to do a “half and half” nail where the left side was velvet and the right side was caviar beads. Just like the nail wraps from this post a few weeks ago, the velvet was SUPER easy to do— paint 2 coats of the polish and when still wet, dip your nail directly into the velvet. The fuzz is a little hard to get off your skin, but totally manageable. I have to admit, it looked FAB, but this is def a 1 day mani. The velvet faded after a few hours and picked up any/all material it touched (fuzz from my sweater, fleece particles from my jacket, etc).

I chose silver sparkly caviar beads to go with the fancy pants theme. Like the velvet, they instantly created a WOW effect and were easy to apply (same process- 2 coats and when still wet, dip nail directly into beads). They especially looked awesome in direct light, however as the day went on, some fell off and I felt like they dulled like the velvet.

1 hour after application. A few beads fell off + the velvet took on the fuzz from anything it touched.

Even though this mani didn’t last as long as I’d like, I would still do it again, knowing the result was a total show-stopper and crowned me miss fancy pants for the day!
velvet kit

silver/sparkly caviar kit

foil film fabulousness!

Holy canoli! Color Club totally nailed it! I’ve been wanting to try foil film for a while, but was hesitant to buy it online without seeing it. Plus I already have the loose gold foil (remember these?). So you can imagine how excited I was when I saw Color Club’s foil film kit in the check-out line at Urban Outfitters. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but TOOTT TOOOTTTT. These nails are killer. They are SO easy and the possibilities are endless. Foil film (not to be mistaken for regular gold foil) is to. die. for.

For a cool $16 you get:
* 2 Color Club polishes (there are a few different kits. Mine came with a gorge periwinkle and navy blue)
* 2 rolls of foil (my kit came with a gold glitter foil and a metallic-rainbow-esque foil)
* a bottle of glue

not too shabby for $16!
look at the glow on that film!

I’m telling you, this mani is easier than asking Siri where the nearest sushi restaurant is in NYC. All you have to do is paint your nails like you normally would and let dry (1 coat base coat, 2 coats color). They must be completely dry before applying the glue. When dry, apply a very thin line of glue. Only put glue on the nail where you want the foil to go. I wanted a smorgasbord of foil with no rhyme or reason, so I put the glue in different places on each nail (some to cover the full nail, some only on parts so the periwinkle shined through). Wait for the glue to dry- it will turn clear. Cut your foil into small square pieces. Then place on your nail and press/smooth down. After a few seconds, slowly lift the foil anded VOILA! You’re left with a foil film masterpiece!

After all 10 nails were done, I waited a good 30 minutes to apply my top coat. I didn’t want to risk having the foil crinkle up. I tested it out on my pinky first and when all was okay, I top-coated (it’s my blog I’m allowed to make up words) the rest of my nails!

BIG mazels to you, Color Club. This foil is my jam! My forever21 bracelet says it all. Totally obsessed!

camo time!

GUYS. I have a new favoriteeeee manicure! I’ve been wearing it for 3 whole days- a record for me! It’s….
I am obsessively obsessed with it! And let me tell you something ladies, practice makes perfect! Check out the first camo I did a couple months ago. It looked more like green and beige worms crawling on my nails!
camo partay? more like camo fail…
And YES, I am still sporting my NYE blinger (bling-ring-finger- get it? My sister totally nailed that one–oh shiiit, there I go again!). And the 2nd to best part? They match my hat that is a total necessity in this NYC North Pole universe I’m living in! 
right hand blinger!

they match my hat!
left hand
I had a lot of requests to do a tutorial for these bad boys. They aren’t as hard as they look, I pinky swear! I’d love to see your camo-creations. Please let me know if I inspired you by tagging @theGLITTERYblog on instagram! As always, make sure you wait a few minutes in between each step so the polish doesn’t get all tacky/clumpy on you. It’s also SUUUUPER crucial to wait a good 15-20 minutes before putting your matte top coat on (2 coats). If the polish is not 100% dry, your black will bleed! I’m guilty of getting impatient with this, so some of mine bled. In some ways, I think it adds to the badassness of the mani….although I’m probably just trying to make myself feel better….
Products used:
Essie sand tropez (beige) and matte top coat

nail rock nail wraps!

Last night was my big bro’s birthday and I only had about 30 minutes to do my nails before I had to pick up his cake, shower and put glitter on my eyes (a total must-have for a bday party). I couldn’t decide what nail art to do and the clock was tick tocking. That’s when that little nail polish lightbulb went off- I could use my Rock Beauty London Nail Rock Wraps! They’re fast, they’re SUPER easy and most importantly the designs are

I normally don’t use nail wraps/stickers, since I love the actual process of creating something unique on my nails (aka therapy), but I quickly realized that they were the perfect solution to my time crunch. These black and white stripes were going to make an instant masterpiece on my nails, without having to use countless brushes/polish!

I painted 3 nails with Jin Soon’s Obsidian (gorgeous sparkly black), and the other 2 with Color Club’s All That Razz (punchy magenta), with the exception of my ring finger on my left hand. It’s been 5 days since New Years Eve, but I still can’t get rid of this nail! I am totally OBSESSED with it!

After letting my top coat dry, I cut the Nail Rock Wraps in different shapes and adhered them on my nails. I smoothed out the air bubbles/bumps with my fingers and then sealed 1 more coat of top coat (obvi, Seche Vite). And voila! I was ready to celebrate my bro’s birthday.

…and they matched my wallet! 
left hand
right hand
For a fun way to spice up your mani, visit the Nail Rock website here to view the full range of products (including polishes and caviar) and order online! 

For all of you on the east coast, I hope you’re staying warm!!

happy new year!

I am SO excited for what 2014 may bring! And what better way to celebrate than with blinged-out nails! Here’s a look at what I wore to my NYE party on Weds.  And I’m still wearing them! Nail glue is seriously amazing.

For this blinding look, I used the following polishes and a whole bunch of rhinestones and studs I bought a while ago from Sally Beauty.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White On
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Black Out
Floss Gloss, Stun
Butter London, West End Wonderland

I wish you and yours a very happy and healthy 2014…with lots of nail polish!